¿Qué es el Repolarizador Capilar y cómo funciona?

What is the Hair Repolarizer and how does it work?

Have you heard of the hair repolarizer?

If you are looking for an effective way to improve the health of your hair and repair the damage caused by sun exposure, the use of styling tools and other external factors, a hair repolarizer is the solution you need. In this article, we will explain what a hair repolarizer is, how it works and what benefits it offers.

What is the hair repolarizer?

Hair repolarizer is a hair treatment that helps restore the health of damaged hair. The treatment involves the application of a special solution of proteins and vitamins to the hair, which is sealed in the hair using a blow dryer or flat irons (optional) or without the need to apply heat, only with a thermal cap. This sealing process helps nutrients penetrate deep into the hair and repair it from the inside out.

How does the hair repolarizer work?

Hair repolarizer works in several ways to improve the health and appearance of hair. Firstly, the nutrient solution helps to repair, strengthen hair and prevent breakage. you

It also helps hydrate hair and improve smoothness and prevent frizz. In addition, the sealing process helps nutrients penetrate deep into the hair, which means that the results of the treatment can last for a long time.

What benefits does the hair repolarizer offer?

The hair repolarizer offers several benefits for the health and appearance of the hair. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Damaged hair repair: If your hair is damaged by excessive use of styling tools, sun exposure or chlorine from swimming pools, the hair repolarizer repairs the damage and restores the health of your hair.

  2. Hair Strengthening: Hair repolarizer helps strengthen hair and prevent breakage, making it especially helpful if you have fine or weak hair.

  3. Hair hydration: The selection of nutrients in the hair repolarizer is focused on giving hair extreme hydration, which improves softness and reduces frizz.

  4. Shine and softness: After a hair repolarizer treatment, it is common for hair to look brighter, stronger and softer, this will make you feel more beautiful and confident of yourself.

How is the hair repolarizer applied?

The hair repolarizer can be applied in a beauty salon by a professional or at home using a hair repolarizer kit. If you choose to apply it at home, be sure to follow the instructions carefully for the best results. In general, the steps to apply the hair repolarizer are the following:

  1. Wash your hair following your usual routine, once it is clean and dry
  2. Apply the hair repolarizer solution to the hair, making sure to cover all areas, from roots to ends generously ; If your scalp is oily , apply it keeping 2 centimeters away from the root
  3. Use a blow dryer or aluminum foil-lined irons to seal the solution into your hair. Make sure to put the dryer or irons on minimum temperature (NEVER use high temperatures as you would dry out the hair)
  4. Put on the Thermal Cap to multiply the benefits of repolarizer for 20 minutes, (the longer the better)
  5. Let the hair repolarizer act on the hair for as long as possible, you can leave it applied overnight.
  6. Rinse hair with lukewarm water to remove excess product.
  7. Style hair as usual and admire the results.

Who can use the hair repolarizer?

Hair repolarizer is a safe option for most people, dermatologically tested, it is also important to note that some people may be allergic to an ingredient in the hair repolarizer solution, so you should always do a test before applying the product throughout your hair.


The capillary repolarizer is an innovative solution to restructure the fiber of your hair and improve the appearance of damaged hair. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your hair, hydrate it and repair the damage caused by external factors, the hair repolarizer is the solution you need. Try the hair repolarizer and discover the benefits for yourself from the first application!

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